Some unique features of the Endocarb System:

•  The Endocarb System is easily programmed using an oxygen probe
•  The effective case depth is reached over 30% faster than conventional carburizing
•  The Endocarb System uses less than 1/2 of the natural gas of a conventional process
•  Unlike conventional carburizing, a very low flow of atmosphere is required
•  Very little time is required to establish a 1.45% CP on heat up after shut down
•  “Plunge Cooling” - Will cool the load down from carburizing temperature to quench temperature much faster by flowing 100% blower air and 0% gas into the furnace burner
•  A sharper drop off in carbon at the effective case depth for a more ductile core
•  No endogas from an outside generator is required in the furnace hot zone
•  Work loads using this system are always clean
•  Atmosphere gas from the endocarb enters the furnace just under 1,825˚F reacted
•  Carbon potential will operate from under .40 to 1.45% CP
•  Pay back for this system can be less than six months because of shorter cycles
•  No catalyst to change as the endocarb unit is self catalytic
•  User friendly and very easy to operate
•  An unsafe condition will shut down the system and sound an alarm
•  Long trouble free life can be expected
•  System will operate trouble free with very little maintenance

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The carburizing process used with the Endocarb system is protected by a United States Patent - Number 5,827,375

The carburizing device used to produce an atmosphere for the Endocarb System is protected by a United States Patent - Number 6,159,306