Carburize over 30% faster...
Use half the gas...
Retrofit your current furnace or use with a new furnace...

Just a few of the many reasons why the Endocarb System is the best choice for a clean, efficient carburizing process. The Endocarb unit was designed to produce a protective atmosphere as well as a rich carburizing atmosphere. This unit is self catalytic and does not require the replaceable catalyst as used in an endothermic generator. The retort for this unit is self heated with its own burner to about 1825˚F and is mounted inside an insulated gas tight shell which is mounted on top of the furnace.

It is possible for the endocarb system to pay for itself in less than one year—even as short a time as six months. Contact us today to find out more information.

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Our challenge to you:
The Endocarb System is presently in operation at a commercial heat treating company near Cleveland. It is possible to process as many loads as you wish to try it out.
Endocarb Image
Burner Assembly
Retort Assembly
For drawings & photos of the Endocarb System, click here.